“Riided teevad inimese.
Alasti inimestel pole ühiskonnas peaaegu mingit mõjuvõimu”
M. Twain

Quality sewing services in Tallinn, Estonia

We invite new clients who share our appreciation of quality sewing work to partner with us. We offer a wide range of tailoring services, catering to your specific needs!

We offer a comprehensive solution – from designing, obtaining materials, sewing and manufacturing, providing special solutions, to delivering the final product.

We can sew small batches according to the measurements for specific clients – business attire, formal attire and other clothing items.

In addition to clothing, we offer other sewing services such as: company presents – bags, cushions, accessories, chair covers, etc. We can also use specialty techniques in the production such as embroidery, printing, craft items, etc.

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”
M Twain

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